Ground vehicles aren’t coming to Gray Zone Warfare to keep “slow and methodical” gameplay

Liam Mackay
Gray Zone Warfare players flying in helicopter

Gray Zone Warfare features a huge open-world sandbox to explore and while you can use the choppers to get around, you’ll spend most of your time on foot. However, there aren’t any plans to introduce ground vehicles to the game.

While players can skip the hike by taking the Little Bird helicopter to different LZs around the map, many players in the community have been desperate for ground vehicles to be added to Gray Zone Warfare to zip from area to area much quicker. This would be especially useful when you’re stuck waiting for a Little Bird to become available.

But, don’t expect to be taking a car or quad bike to get back to your faction’s base any time soon as Rick Lagnese, the PR and Communications Director for Gray Zone Warfare, explained in an interview with CharlieIntel that ground vehicles aren’t in the roadmap.

“Right now we don’t have any plans for other vehicles,” said Lagnese. “There are things we’re working on but I don’t think we’re going to add more vehicles. We really want to address adding more rewards for exploring, more loot, and things that want people to take their time through this map.”

gray zone warfare player flying in helicopter
Improvements to the LZs and Little Birds are on the way.

“You know, it’s not like they’re going from one map to another,” he explained. “And yes, it is a big world, but we kind of like the slow, methodical approach.”

Instead of adding new vehicles, the devs are prioritizing improving the helicopter transport system. For example, they’ve discussed letting you get dropped off at a certain point on the way to an LZ.

They want the game to remain a hardcore mil-sim where you’re encouraged to explore the map on foot but “that’s not to say we’re not working on the LZ situation … It’s become a meme, and rightfully so.”

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