Pokemon Go PokeCoin Research Ticket removes a major roadblock for all players

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go daily pokecoin field research ticket

The Daily PokeCoin Field Research Ticket in Pokemon Go is a huge step in the right direction as it helps all trainers, including those with limited Gyms, get better access to the game’s best grabs.

With Gyms being the only way to earn PokeCoins in Pokemon Go, players who had already collected the daily cap of 50 or those in remote areas with no Gyms, struggled to purchase Egg Incubators, Remote Raid Passes, and Boxes for seven long years.

Now, trainers no longer have to miss out on Legendaries and rare Raid-exclusive Pokemon due to lack of in-game currency, thanks to the Daily PokeCoin Field Research Ticket that gives regular access to PokeCoins on top of the capped limit from Gyms.

Costing just $1.99 (or the equivalent in your local currency), trainers can grab the Ticket that gives 20 PokeCoins daily for completing a simple Field Research task. You can get a total of 300 PokeCoins, giving you a whopping 33% discount when buying the same amount of PokeCoins with real money.

This Ticket was praised by Pokemon Go fans as a user named ‘TamTamaa’ posted on Reddit: “This should be a permanent feature” while also adding that relying on Gyms alone was “ridiculous.”

Fellow trainers lauded the Ticket and commented: “Many players don’t have access to Gyms every day. Making the PokeCoins available through Field Research is fair to everyone” and “50 is too low but 70 a day should be ok.”

remote raid pass in pokemon go
Getting more Remote Raid Passes is the biggest perk of the PokeCoin Ticket.

While rural players undoubtedly benefit from this, even those in bustling cities can now get guaranteed PokeCoins, especially when their Gym Defenders are kicked out in no time, leaving them with no Coins for the day.

Others chipped in that along with this PokeCoin Ticket, they are also willing to pay for another that gives a bonus of sending and opening 40 Gifts per day, something the community has loved in previous seasons.

With an affordable Research Ticket offering more PokeCoins in Pokemon Go, players would be able to challenge more Raids and catch the rarest species in the game.

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