How to summon & defeat Blood Maiden in Diablo 4: Location, rewards, more

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The Blood Maiden in Diablo 4

The Blood Maiden is a new activity boss introduced in Diablo 4 Season 4, but where do you find this boss, and how do you defeat it? Here’s everything you need to know.

In Diablo 4 Season 4, Blizzard completely reworked how Helltides usually function. Now, whenever the Helltide is active, you’ll come across special events that occur within this zone, and the Blood Maiden is a boss that you will come across while participating in these events.

So, here’s how you can summon the Blood Maiden in Diablo 4.

Where to find the Blood Maiden in Diablo 4

To summon the Blood Maiden in Diablo 4, you need activate the “Accursed Ritual” event. This event is denoted by the demon skull icon on your map.

So far, there are seven areas where you will find these Accursed Rituals in Diablo 4 as seen in the map below:

Accursed Ritual
Accursed Rituals can be found at the following locations.

When you’re at the event marker, you need to place three Baneful Hearts on the three pedestals. Doing so will summon groups of demon enemies that you need to kill.

Once you’ve killed them, the Blood Maiden will spawn.

How to defeat the Blood Maiden in Diablo 4 Season 4

Just like most of the boss fights, the Blood Maiden fight has three stages, as denoted by the markings on her health bar. Once you’ve completed a stage by damaging her for the required portion of her health, the Blood Maiden will drop health potions.

Blood Maiden summon in Diablo 4
The Blood Maiden can be summoned through the Accursed Ritual.

Over the course of the fight, you’ll come across three basic attacks. They are:

  • Rain of Fire: The Blood Maiden will throw fireballs at you, so you need to evade them at all costs. The areas where these fireballs will drop will be marked on the ground, so step away from the markers as soon as you can.
  • Fire Wave: While throwing fireballs, the Blood Maiden will also throw a wave of fire that travels in an outward circle. Don’t let it hit you, or else you will take a lot of damage.
  • Hellborn Disciples: She’ll also summon three Hellborn Disciples whenever you reach a new stage in the fight. These enemies can summon Elites, so make sure you eliminate them first.

Diablo 4 Blood Maiden boss fight rewards

The rewards for defeating the Blood Maiden will depend upon the World Tier you’re fighting her in. For example, if you finish the fight in World Tier 2, then you’ll receive Rare gear along with Aberrant Cinders.

However, if you finish the fight in World Tier 4, then apart from the Aberrant Cinders, you’ll also get some Legendary gear. There’s also a chance that you might end up receiving Unique drops when completing this boss fight on higher tiers.

Where to find Baneful Hearts in Diablo 4

Baneful Hearts are an important consumable in Diablo 4 and can be found in the Helltide zones by opening Helltide Chests, or by defeating enemies mini bosses within these zones.

Although you’ll be able to join in on the boss fight if someone else starts it on your instance, you will get less rewards, since you didn’t provide the starting materials for the encounter.

That sums up everything that you need to know about the Blood Maiden fight in Diablo 4. For more information about the game, be sure to check out the following links:

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