Underrated MW3 ammo type makes frustrating camo challenges a breeze

Joseph Pascoulis
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MW3 features many ammo types that can completely change a weapon’s stats and behavior, but one in particular can be very helpful for camo challenges, but no one is using it.

Camo challenges can be quite the grind in Modern Warfare 3, but knowing some tricks of the trade can be extremely useful and speed up the process.

Most know about utilizing Hardcore for tough challenges like longshots, but some weapons such as the KATT-AMR Sniper require Penetration Kills, also known as wallbangs. These can be tough to get and often require patience and luck.

To help get this challenge completed, players will opt for the Armor Piercing rounds, but, it’s the Mono ammo that is actually more effective. This ammo type is rarely used in MW3, but for those who like to go for wallbangs, you may want to start using the Mono bullets.

Reddit user ‘Longbow92’ shared a great video demonstrating just how much more penetrative the Mono Ammunition can be in comparison to Armor Piercing rounds. In the clip, the player is unable to penetrate a wall with Armor Piercing ammo, but once they switch to the Mono bullets, they do so with ease.

The Mono rounds in MW3 increase vehicle damage, bullet penetration, and bullet velocity, making them ideal for wallbangs.

Many in the comments of the post were surprised, as one comment read, “Damn, this is really good to know (I primarily go for wallbangs, I’m addicted to it).”

There is a slight downside to the Mono rounds, however, as they will reduce your damage range and recoil control. But, you can always balance that out in your build by utilizing attachments that buff the affected stats, and then you’ll be golden.

So, if you need to get Penetration Kills for a camo challenge in MW3, Mono Ammunition is your best bet. You may also find yourself needing wallbangs for Weekly Challenges, as well as Clean Kills and Fully Loaded Kills.

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