Wuthering Waves Baizhi: Release date, Attribute, abilities, more

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Baizhi in Wuthering Waves

In Wuthering Waves you’ll build a party of three characters, and having a healer is always useful. Here’s everything we know about Baizhi so far, including her Attribute, abilities, and more.

Gacha game fans have their sights on Wuthering Waves, as the title from Kuro Games is releasing on May 22. With a flashy combat system similar to the one featured in Genshin Impact, players will try to get the best characters in their adventures.

Baizhi is an interesting character many fans plan to get, so here’s everything we know about her so far, including her kit and more.

Who is Baizhi in Wuthering Waves?

Baizhi in Wuthering Waves is a researcher in Remnant Ecoacoustics at Huaxu Academy. The Remnant Creature You’tan is both her lifelong research focus and the source of her healing powers.

She’s interested in studying the Waveworn Phenomena triggered by The Lament that sets Wuthering Waves’ plot in motion and is very curious about their consequences.

Does Baizhi have a release date in Wuthering Waves?

Baizhi is one of the first four-star units you can get in Wuthering Waves, which means she’ll be available at launch, starting May 22, 2024.

Wuthering Waves New Year 2023 artwork
Wuthering Waves will have many units available at launch.

Baizhi Class, Attribute & weapon in Wuthering Waves

In Wuthering Waves, Baizhi is a four-star Glacio Mutant Resonator and uses a Rectifier as her weapon. She uses You’tan to attack enemies from a distance and can also restore her allies’ HP with specific skills.

Baizhi full kit & abilities in Wuthering Waves

Here are Baizhi’s abilities in Wuthering Waves, revealed by WutheringLab thanks to recent game tests:

  • Destined Promise (Basic Attack) – You’tan performs up to 4 consecutive attacks dealing Glacio DMG.
    • Heavy Attack – Continuously consumes Stamina to command You’tan to attack enemies with Glacio DMG. During Heavy Attack, Baizhi can command You’tan to move.
    • Mid-air Attack – Consumes Stamina and summons You’tan in mid-air to perform a Plunging Attack that deals Glacio DMG.
    • Dodge Counter – Deals Glacio DMG.
  • Emergency Plan (Resonance Skill) – Baizhi calls You’tan to attack the target, dealing Glacio DMG while restoring HP for the entire team.
  • Momentary Union (Resonance Liberation) – Baizhi summons You’tan to restore HP for the entire team, generating 4 stacks of Remnant Entities.
    • Remnant Entities – Remnant Entities follow the active team members and automatically consume 1 stack of Remnant Entities to attack the targets every 2.5 seconds, dealing Glacio DMG and restoring HP to all team members nearby.
  • Cycle of Life (Forte Circuit)
    • Baizhi consumes all ‘Concentrations’ when casting Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill to continuously restore HP for characters nearby. Each ‘Concentration’ consumed restores HP every 2 seconds.
    • When Baizhi consumes ‘Concentration’ to cast Heavy Attack, additionally restores Concerto Energy and Resonance Energy.
    • When Baizhi consumes ‘Concentration’ to cast Resonance Skill, additionally restores Concerto Energy.
    • Baizhi can hold up to 4 ‘Concentrations’ and obtains 1 ‘Concentration’ for every Basic Attack on hit.
  • Overflowing Frost (Intro Skill) – Baizhi calls You’tan to perform a plunging attack, dealing Glacio DMG and restoring HP to all team members nearby.
  • Rejuvinating Flow (Outro Skill) – Baizhi restores HP equal to 1.54% of her max HP to the next character every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. Resonators gaining this healing also gain 15% all-Type DMG Deepen for 6 seconds.
  • Stimulus Feedback (Inherent Skill) – For every Heavy Attack on hit, Baizhi restores HP to the nearby team member with the least HP equal to 0.25% of Baizhi’s max HP.

That’s everything you need to know about Baizhi in Wuthering Waves. For more on Kuro Games’ title and other gacha games, check out more of our guides below:

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