Pokemon Go Catching Wonders spawn lets you farm tons of Stardust & XP at once

Niladri Sarkar
audino in pokemon go catching wonders event

The Catching Wonders event is an excellent opportunity for Pokemon Go players to grab jaw-dropping amounts of Stardust and XP with just one catch, thanks to some special spawns in the wild.

With the start of the highly anticipated Catching Wonders event in Pokemon Go, trainers can get themselves a Master Ball stress-free. But, this occasion also packs superb bonuses that let you score an unseen haul of Stardust and XP gains you simply can’t miss!

The bonuses of this exciting event include 10x XP from the first catch and the first PokeStop spin of the day, as well as 5x Stardust from the first catch. That said, players can maximize their gains by catching certain Pokemon that offer bonus Stardust by default.

This was pointed out in a Reddit post by user ‘matthewormatt’ who earned a whopping 44,340 XP and 27,450 Stardust just by catching an Audino. The XP is undoubtedly impressive, as the OP showed a screengrab of the numbers.

To ensure peak figures, the OP dropped a Lucky Egg and Starpiece, made an Excellent throw, and timed their seven-day streak. All these are simple for any Pokemon Go trainer, so you too can get this done easily.

When fellow users got curious about the species that can give bonus Stardust, a trainer replied, “Meowth, Paras, and Foongus are 500. (Their Evos 700). Combee, Sableye, and Trubbish are 750. Shellder and Chimecho are both 1000 with Audino at 2150.”

Audino is undoubtedly the most coveted in this list of Pokemon, and while it’s rare, some highlighted that they are nesting species. This gives everyone a golden opportunity to get plenty of Stardust not only from the first catch but also earn a lot more of it within the 30-minute duration of a Star Piece.

Keep in mind that Audino is a Normal type, so expect to see it spawn more frequently during Partly Cloudy weather in Pokemon Go, and keep a Mega-evolved Normal-type species in your collection during your hunt.

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