Fortnite players claim removing Airbending Mythic has exposed major mobility flaw

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite sprinting

Fortnite players are frustrated with the rate of stamina regeneration in the game, along with the lack of mobility options.

With the Airbending Scroll being vaulted in Fortnite following the conclusion of the Avatar event, players are craving an item that can help them move faster.

Although the game does have the Wings of Icarus, it’s not as effective as the Airbending Scroll. Yes, players can sprint, but that costs stamina, and without it, movement in Fortnite feels sluggish.

While sprinting consumes stamina, players have voiced their frustrations about how slow the bar recharges. This is a problem especially in the Zero Build mode because you cannot build structures for cover.

As u/Miserable-Bear7980 pointed out on Reddit, the stamina regeneration in Fortnite takes around 10 seconds to start and fill the bar, which is slow, especially if you’re moving from cover to cover while escaping a gunfight.

Although one could easily argue that you can use the Wings of Icarus, Underworld Dash, or even the Shockwave Grenades to move quickly around the Fortnite map, these make gameplay slightly restrictive, because you’ll have to look for them in specific areas, and they have limited uses.

While players feel that adding another mobility item like the Grapple Blade will solve the issue at hand, that might not be the case. Since the base mechanic is flawed, adding a new mobility item would be a temporary fix.

The best way to fix this problem would require Epic Games to reduce the time it takes for the stamina bar to refill. But until then, learning how to slide cancel will help you bypass this issue to a great extent.

If you master this technique, not only will you be able to cover a larger distance while conserving your stamina, it will make it harder for those pesky snipers to land a shot on you as well.

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