How to do a flair shot in EA FC 24

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Chiesa in EA FC 24

The flair shot mechanic in EA FC 24 can be quite useful in some cases, especially in competitive game modes, ushering a bonus flashiness to itself. Here’s how to do a flair shot in EA FC 24.

In EA FC 24, you can shoot the ball in various ways to increase your chances of converting them into goals. Techniques like flair shots will help you find the back of the net even from tight angles, all the while making you look like an absolute baller.

It is especially useful in competitive game modes like Rivals and Champions. So, here’s how to do a flair shot in EA FC 24 easily.

EA FC 24: How to do a flair shot

To do a flair shot in EA FC 24, simply press L2+Circle (LT+B on Xbox) at the same time. Holding down on the buttons for longer will make your player shoot the ball with more power, whereas a simple tap will result in a ground-driven shot.

Here are the controllers for every platform:

  • PlayStation: L2+Circle
  • Xbox: LT+B
  • PC: W+Left Click (default)

When to use a flair shot in EA FC 24?

Flair shots are best used when you are tightly marked or at a narrow-angle with the goal in EA FC 24. You can even use it in one-on-one situations where your opponent has rushed their goalkeeper towards you.

Flair shots and passes are used to minimize movement costs before shooting or passing the ball, so make sure that you capitalize on this feature whenever you deem it to be perfect after practicing it a little bit. However, keep in mind that you should not spam it all the time as well as normal shots can have better accuracy depending on the angle.

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