How to complete Line In The Sand task in Gray Zone Warfare: Suspicious Box location

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Exploring a forest in Gray Zone Warfare

The Line In The Sand task in Gray Zone Warfare is pretty easy to complete but the mission does present a tricky choice that can affect your rewards. So, here’s how to complete the Lind In The Sand task.

Line In The Sand is a task you can get from Gunny in Gray Zone Warfare. The mission’s objective is to locate a crate of drugs in Ban Pa and hurl its contents into the ocean. But, doing so will disqualify you from completing The Value of Sharing task from Turncoat, as he wants you to hand over the crate to him instead.

Picking between the two vendors can be confusing, and so is finding out the item’s exact location. So, here’s how to complete the Line In The Sand task in Gray Zone Warfare, and which vendor you should opt for.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete Line In The Sand task

To complete the Line In The Sand Task in GZW, head to Ban Pa village and look for a stash of hidden fentanyl. If you’ve decided to go with Gunny, head to the pier nearby and chug the crate into the ocean.

You’ll find some enemies around the village, so we recommend picking them off from afar. Although, they don’t pose much of a challenge.

Suspicious Box location in Gray Zone Warfare

The stash of drugs you’re looking for is named Suspicious Box in Gray Zone Warfare. You can find it underneath a stilt house on the outskirts of Ban Pa at map coordinates 205 137. Walk under the house and you’ll see the stash kept inside a box near a colorful carpet.

Gray Zone Warfare Suspicious Box location
Look underneath the house to find the box.

How to dispose drugs at northern pier in GZW

To get rid of the drugs and complete the Line In The Sand task, head to the pier right next to the village at map coordinates 206 137. Point your cursor toward the edge of the pier and you’ll see a prompt to dispose of the drugs. Hit F and the task will be completed.

A pier in Gray Zone Warfare
The pier is located east of the village.

Should you dispose the drugs or turn them over to Turncoat?

As far as rewards go, you’re better off going with Gunny and dumping the drugs in the ocean. By completing the Line In The Sand task, you’re also making the morally correct decision by getting rid of the drugs instead of handing them over to someone as shady as Turncoat.

However, if you’re looking to increase your reputation with Turncoat, feel free to hand the drugs over to him instead.

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