Warzone’s worst AR is meta Sniper support thanks to new Aftermarket Part

Joseph Pascoulis
MW3 JAK Patriot M16 on Invasion map

Warzone’s May 15 update introduced the JAK Patriot Aftermarket Part for the iconic M16 Assault Rifle. It’s been widely considered as one of the worst options in the game, but thanks to the new attachment, it’s now a meta option.

Call of Duty Players have been waiting for a fully automatic M16 for years, and now it’s finally here. The JAK Patriot Aftermarket Part in Warzone and MW3 turns the M16 from a burst weapon into a full-automatic Assault Rifle.

Unfortunately for fans of the iconic AR, the M16 hasn’t been a meta weapon, but that’s changed thanks to the introduction of the JAK Patriot Conversion Kit, as it actually gives the M16 a competitive TTK in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded.

The Aftermarket Part can be earned through Weekly Challenges, and while many of these attachments are not worth grinding for, popular CoD content creator JGOD believes the JAK Patriot for the M16 is worth your time.

JGOD described the JAK Patriot as a “really fun, meta gun to use that deletes pretty quick,” with “enough damage per mag to go ahead and down multiple players.” He recommends using it as a Sniper support since its TTK numbers are best at close to medium ranges.

Another popular Warzone content creator recommended the same, as Metaphor called the M16 with the JAK Patriot “insane” for close range.

This makes the JAK Patriot M16 an ideal choice for Rebirth Island, as it will keep you covered for most lines of sight on the smaller map. Metaphor even called it the “best Conversion Kit we’ve gotten all season,” so make sure you complete your challenges and pick it up when you can.

Speaking of iconic weapons, Warzone Season 4 is set to bring some classic weapons back to Call of Duty in the Kar98k and Spas-12.

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