Fortnite players slam Battle Pass that forces them to play “garbage” modes

Joseph Pascoulis
Fortnite chapter 5 season 2 key art

Each season Fortnite introduces a new Battle Pass to get through, but players feel Chapter 5 Season 2’s XP progression has been made even slower by Epic to force them onto other modes.

Fortnite‘s Battle Pass requires some patience and time to complete, but some feel Chapter 5 Season 2‘s XP progression has been slower than usual. Players are even blaming the introduction of other game modes such as Rocket Racing and LEGO Fortnite.

You have to spend quite a lot of time playing Battle Royale in Fortnite in order to reach the max level in the Battle Pass for Chapter 5 Season 2. If it’s the only mode you enjoy, you’ll need to sink a lot of time into playing matches and completing objectives to get a significant amount of XP.

Many only enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale and are not as interested in Rocket Racing, LEGO Fortnite, or Fortnite Festival. However, as Reddit user ‘Awesomedogman3’ explained, Epic have made it “almost impossible” to reach max level on the Battle Pass by just playing BR.

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Fortnite players don’t want to grind the LEGO mode for Battle Pass XP.

They claimed that completing daily and weekly challenges for BR isn’t enough, as “doing 3 daily match quests doesn’t even give you a full level,” and “weekly quests only give you 10k XP each.” In previous seasons, there was one Weekly Quest that would grant players 30k XP, but this has been shifted out now.

Players feel that Epic are trying to “force them to play the other garbage modes,” as there are Quests to be done in LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing that contribute to your BP progression.

However, not everyone wants to do that, as one comment under the Reddit post said, “I don’t want XP AFK-ing in lego, or rocket racing or whatever the fk. I want to be able to play Battle Royale and level-up. I don’t care about the other game modes, and never will, stop pushing me towards them, they’re simply not fun/good enough.”

Many on the thread feel change is needed for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, and if things aren’t different in the next major update, players are even considering giving up on the game: “Next season if they don’t change anything, and probably won’t, I won’t bother anymore. It’s just not worth it.”

Perhaps Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 will introduce big changes to the Battle Pass system. Speaking of the new season, here’s everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2’s end live event.

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