How to complete What Remains task in Gray Zone Warfare: UNLRA HQ Lab Key location

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Exploring a field in Gray Zone Warfare

The What Remains task in Gray Zone Warfare is a tricky one to get through and you’ll also need to hope for good RNG. On that note, here’s how you can complete the What Remains task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Tasks linked to specific keys are among the hardest missions in Gray Zone Warfare, with What Remains being a prominent example. Given to players by Lab Rat, the task requires you to explore the UNLRA Headquarters and look for left-behind samples.

The task throws multiple obstacles in your path, including a lack of precise directions. So, if you’re struggling with this mission, here’s how to complete the What Remains task in GZW.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete What Remains task

To complete the What Remains task in Gray Zone Warfare, head to the UNLRA Headquarters in Tiger Bay and unlock the front door by finding the UNLRA HQ Lab key. After opening the door, head inside and look for an item called Horrific Recordings. Turn over this item to Lab Rat to wrap up the task.

You’ll come across many enemies around the building. So, make sure to come prepared or bring along a few friends for the gunfight.

How to get UNLRA HQ Lab Key in Gray Zone Warfare

The only way to get the UNLRA HQ Lab Key in Gray Zone Warfare is by killing enemies around the UNRLA Headquarters and looting the key from their bodies. There’s no specific number of enemies that you’ll need to take down before the key spawns, and it can even take days until pops for you. Alternatively, if luck is on your side, you’ll be able to grab the key after killing just a few enemies.

Horrific Recordings location in Gray Zone Warfare

To grab the Horrific Recordings item in GZW, gain access to the lab inside the UNLRA Headquarters (map coordinates 200 132) using the key. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to spot a freezer on the other end of the room, placed next to a whiteboard. Open it, and grab the Horrific Recordings stashed inside.

Gray Zone Warfare UNLRA lab
You’ll need a key to access the lab.

How to turn over Horrific Recordings to Lab Rat in GZW

Head back to base camp to turn over the Horrific Recordings item to Lab Rat in Gray Zone Warfare.  Once you’re there, open up the menu, click ‘Vendors,‘ then select Lab Rat, and click ‘Hand Over‘ under Objectives.

Here are the rewards for completing this task:

  • x4 HpR 3-S
  • $9200
  • 2000 XP
  • +200 Reputation with Lab Rat

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