How to unlock Sally Blueprint in Warzone & MW3: BO6 teaser explained

Nathan Warby
Sally 9mm Daemon Blueprint in Warzone & MW3

The new Sally Blueprint has arrived in Warzone and MW3, unlocking a new Akimbo 9mm Daemon while also teasing Black Ops 6. Here’s how to unlock it.

Treyarch are building towards the announcement of Call of Duty 2024, and the first teaser has arrived in MW3 and Warzone in the form of the Sally Blueprint. This new variant is an Akimbo version of the 9mm Daemon Pistol, that will immediately remind fans of the 2010 Black Ops cover.

So, here’s how to unlock the Sally Blueprint in Warzone and MW3.

How to get Sally 9mm Daemon Blueprint in MW3 & Warzone

You can unlock the Sally Blueprint MW3 and Warzone by finding it as ground loot in Warzone and getting one kill with it. This will permanently earn you the 9mm Daemon variant in both games, although you’ll have to switch over to Warzone to get it, as there is no way to unlock it through multiplayer.

Since May 15, the Blueprint has been added to the loot pool in Battle Royale, Resurgence, and Plunder matches. So, it can be found lying on the ground or by opening Supply Boxes found around the map.

It’s a fairly common weapon so it shouldn’t take you too long to track one down. Once you manage to get hold of one, simply secure one kill and the Sally Blueprint will be automatically unlocked for you after the match.

Some players have also reported that the kill still counts when teammates drop the Sally Pistols for them to use. So, if you’re struggling to find them around Urzikstan or Rebirth Island, if a squad mate has already managed to unlock them, they can lend you a helping hand.

Of course, most Warzone players will be running meta Assault Rifles or SMGs, which could leave you at a disadvantage while trying to complete the challenge. So, we recommend hopping into Resurgence, where respawns are enabled, and trying to get the kill early before enemies have had time to get their loadout.

Warzone & MW3 Sally Blueprint explained

The Warzone and MW3 Sally Blueprint is the first official teaser for Call of Duty 2024. While the official title hasn’t been revealed, the six tallies etched on the side have led many to believe that Black Ops 6 is the most likely name.

These Pistols first appeared on the cover of the original Black Ops, but they had eight markings alongside the name “Sally.” So, it appears that the Blueprint has been tweaked to represent Black Ops 1-4, Cold War, and then the new game, which leaks have claimed will be set in the Gulf War.

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