New Pokemon Go Snapshot feature recreates classic Rowlet vs Groudon meme

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go species rowlet and groudon in their sun and moon battle

Everyone loves the funny Rowlet vs Groudon meme in Pokemon Go. Now, players can experience the nostalgia and hilarity of the iconic face-off, thanks to the new Go Snapshot feature!

The Rediscover Go campaign in Pokemon Go may have had mixed responses but devs Niantic have certainly struck gold with the biomes update and the Snapshot feature taking AR pictures to a new level altogether!

With trainers now able to bring up to three Pokemon together or screen for an interactive snap, some have taken advantage of this to create some iconic encounters, such as the epic Rowlet vs Groudon meme.

The meme features Rowlet, a small first-stage starter from Gen 7 squaring off against an awkwardly scaled Groudon, a powerful Legendary that’s supposed to be a massively sized behemoth. Due to the frightening implications, Rowlet looks back at its trainer to exclaim, “Dafuq you want me to do?”

Ironically, the Grass/Flying-type Rowlet has a type advantage against the Groudon and immunity to its Ground-type moves, but it’s far too weak to do anything of note.

Reddit user ‘Foulmouth232’ used Go Snapshot to create this scene, leaving fellow trainers in splits as they commented: “I just laughed so hard. Thank you” and “Definitely saving this one lol! It cracks me up everytime!”

Just like the reactions to the original meme posted on Reddit five years ago, most rooted for the adorable Rowlet. “You’re flying grass… that Dino dirt has nothing on you my little fella,” a player said, as others fondly stated that it’s a “great meme that never died.”

While other Rediscover Go updates like the avatar changes left fans fuming, and the well-received biomes and new backgrounds still lead to lag, it appears that the community has warmed up to the exciting new AR Snapshots.

Pokemon Go players can create more iconic shots, especially with Necrozma and its Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane fusions debuting in Go Fest 2024.

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