Best M4A1 builds in Gray Zone Warfare for early and endgame

Aakrit Sharma
M4A1 in Gray Zone Warfare

You can drastically improve the M4A1 Assault Rifle in Gray Zone Warfare by adding sights, silencers, stocks, and other parts, so here’s the best early-game as well as endgame build for the weapon.

The M4A1 is one of the first weapons you unlock in Gray Zone Warfare but you should not sleep on it. With the right attachments, you should be able to take down most enemies, including bosses, with it. On top of that, it can be effective for all combat ranges.

Weapon customization in Gray Zone Warfare can be quite tricky though, so here’s a detailed M4A1 build guide detailing the best sights, silencers, stocks, and other parts for the gun.

Best early-game M4A1 build in Gray Zone Warfare

As you start out in Gray Zone Warfare, you’ll get the basic M4A1 variant and these are the best attachments for it:

  • Sight – SpecterDR 1-4x Assault Scope
  • Buffer Tube – M4
  • Stocks – DD Adjustable Buttstock
  • Upper Receiver – M4 Upper Receiver
  • Handguard – DD RIS II 12
  • Foregrips – Shift Vertical Foregrip
  • Barrel – AR 15 16″
  • Gas Blocks – AR-15 JPGS-10D
  • Flash Rider – SF3P
  • Suppressors – SOCOM556 RC1
  • MOD Grip
  • Charging Handles – AR-15 GRIP-N-RIP
  • Magazine – AR-15 5.56x45mm 32-Round DD Magazine
Best early-game M4A1 build in Gray Zone Warfare

With these attachments, you’ll get the following stats:

  • Accuracy – 1.86 MOA
  • Recoil Control – +33%
  • Arm Stamina Drain – -5%
  • Weapon Handling – -3%
  • Reload Time – -6%
  • Fire Rate – 800 rpm

The Shift Vertical Foregrip is light, leading to a decline in Arm Stamina Drain and better Recoil Control. It reduces weapon handling by 2% but the other benefits compensate for it.

All the attachments will be available in Gunny’s trades once you get him to level 2. If you’ve progressed enough with other vendors too, putting in the RK-6 Foregrip from Artisan is also viable.

This M4A1 build is better than the M4A1 you get from Gunny at level 2. The former has a slightly lower reload time but also boasts higher recoil control and weapon handling. We recommend investing a bit of your time into making this variant instead of buying the vendor’s version that already comes with attachments.

How to build best early-game M4A1 loadout

Follow these steps to assemble the M4A1 build mentioned above:

  1. Remove all parts of your M4A1 except the buffer tube, upper receiver, and gas block.
  2. Add the SpecterDR 1-4x Assault Scope.
  3. Add the DD RIS II 12 handguard.
  4. Add the Shift Vertical Foregrip.
  5. Now, place the MOD Grip in the Pistol Grip slot alongside the SF3P in its respective slot.
  6. Add the SOCOM556 RC1 Suppressor.
  7. Add the DD MK12 Low Profile Gas Block.

Best endgame M4A1 build in Gray Zone Warfare

If you’ve reached the endgame in Gray Zone Warfare and have access to level 3 Vendors, this is the best M4A1 build in the game:

  • Sight – PILAD P1X42 Red Dot Sight
  • Buffer Tube – M4 Buffer Tube
  • Stocks – AR 15 MOE Stock and the Extended Rubber Butt-Pad
  • Upper Receiver – M4 Upper Receiver
  • Handguard – DD RIS II 12
  • Foregrips – AFG 2 Foregrip
  • Barrel – AR 15 18″
  • Gas Blocks – AR-15 JPGS-10D
  • Flash Rider – SOCOM 3 Prong Flash Hider
  • Suppressors – SOCOM556 RC1
  • Grip – DD Enhanced AR Pistol Grip
  • Charging Handles – AR-15 Supreme
  • Magazine – AR-15 5.56x45mm 60-Round S60 Magazine
Best end-game M4A1 build in Gray Zone Warfare

With these attachments, you’ll get the following stats on your M4A1 in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Accuracy – 1.44 MOA
  • Recoil Control – +37%
  • Arm Stamina Drain – -9%
  • Weapon Handling – +9%
  • Reload Time – 9%
  • Fire Rate – 800 rpm

Thanks to parts like the AFG-2 foregrip and the combination of the AR15 MOE stock and Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, you get a ton of weapon handling and recoil control boosts. Naturally, this makes the gun very stable and you should be able to confidently engage in close as well as long-range combat.

Having a big barrel like the AR 15 18” increases the weapon’s muzzle velocity meaning that your bullets travel quickly. Your fire rate and recoil are further improved by the AR-15 JPGS-10D which is arguably the best gas block in the game for the M4A1 and some other 5.56x45mm guns.

The AR-15 charging handle gives a small yet important boost to your reload time which can be life-saving in intense AI encounters.

How to build best endgame M4A1 loadout in Gray Zone Warfare

Follow these steps to get the best endgame M4A1 build in Gray Zone Warfare:

  1. Start by adding the AR15 MOE Stock and put the Extended Rubber Butt-Pad in it.
  2. Now, add the M4 Upper Receiver which will further contain the DD RIS II 12 Handguard, the AFG-2 Foregrip, AR 15 18″ Barrel, the AR-15 JPGS-10D, the SOCOM 3 Prong flash hider (also add the RC1 suppressor to this), and the red dot sight.
  3. Add the pistol grip, magazine, and the charging handle to finish your build.

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