How to complete New Neighbours task in Gray Zone Warfare: Security Footage location

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The New Neighbours task in Gray Zone Warfare takes you deep into the YBL-1 bunker in search of some key intel. So, here’s how you can complete the New Neighbours task in GZW.

New Neighbours is a mission you can get from Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare. The vendor tasks you with venturing into ‘The Hole,’ an appropriate nickname given to the YBL-1 bunker. Your objective is to retrieve some important intel and find information about the bunker’s current occupants.

The task is complicated for a number of reasons, the exact location of the intel being one of them. With this in mind, here’s how to complete the New Neighbours task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete New Neighbours task

To complete the New Neighbours task in GZW, venture into the YBL-1 bunker and look for an item called Security Footage. This footage is the intel you’re looking for, and handing it over to Handshake will wrap up the mission.

A major obstacle in your path to retrieving it is hordes of AI enemies. The dingy bunker’s narrow hallways are packed with enemies, so you’ll have to come prepared for a gunfight. Even the bunker’s entrance is heavily protected.

Where to find Security Footage for GZW New Neighbors task

To obtain the Security Footage for Gray Zone Warfare’s New Neighbors task, head inside the YBL-1 bunker (map coordinates 143 122). Enter via the main entrance and follow these steps:

  1. From the entrance, head straight into the next hallway.
  2. Take the first left and then turn right at the end of the hallway.
  3. You’ll able to spot two hazmat suits hanging on the wall, take the right turn just ahead.
  4. Now, enter the first room on the left.
  5. You’ll see a line of monitors kept on a table, go towards them and pick up the Security Footage.
Gray Zone Warfare Security Footage location
The footage is kept right next to the monitors.

After grabbing the footage, stash it in your secure lockbox to make sure that it doesn’t get lost.

How to turn over Security Footage to Handshake in GZW

Head back to base camp to turn over the footage to Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare. Once you’re there, open up the menu, click on ‘Vendors,‘ then select Handshake, and click on ‘Hand Over‘ under Objectives.

Here are the rewards for completing the New Neighbours task:

  • TC-2000 helmet
  • $4700
  • 1000 XP
  • +150 Reputation with Handshake

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