How to complete Dummy’s Joyride Quests in Fortnite: All rewards

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Dummy in Fortnite

Fortnite added the last batch of quests for Chapter 5 Season 2, so here’s how to complete all Dummy’s Joyride challenges alongside their rewards.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is almost over, and Epic have released the last batch of quests you can complete to earn XP.

Here’s how to complete every Dummy’s Joyride Quest in Fortnite alongside all the rewards you can claim.

All Dummy’s Joyride Quests in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

Here are all Dummy’s Joyride Quests in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2:

Dummy’s Joyride QuestReward
Fuel up Sports Cars at gas stations (50)10,000 XP
Travel distance in a Sports Car (3,000)10,000 XP
Emote at Grim Gate, Braweler’s Battleground, or Mount Olympus (1)Powerful Poseidon Spray
Destroy objects while in a vehicle (50)10,000 XP
Deliver a Sports Car to Dummy (1)10,000 XP
Drive a Sports Car in different named locations (4)10,000 XP
Damage opponents while in a vehicle (300)10,000 XP
Jump a Sports Car and travel 70 meteres before landing (70)10,000 XP
Purchase items at vending machines or Mod Benches (7)10,000 XP
Purchase services from Characters (3)10,000 XP
Spend bars in different matches (5)10,000 XP

All Dummy’s Joyride rewards in Fortnite

Aside from the XP and the Powerful Poseidon Spray you can earn in Fortnite by completing Dummy’s Joyride Quests, you can get these additional rewards:

  • Completing 7 Dummy’s Joyride Quests – Serpent’s Sight Spray
  • Completing 10 Dummy’s Joyride Quests – Stygian Temptation Loading Screen
Stygian Temptation loading screen in Fortnite
Players can get a new Loading Screen before Chapter 5 Season 2 ends.

Where to find Dummy in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

Dummy is the latest NPC to join Fortnite in Chapter 5 Season 2, and players can find the character in Piney Pumps, a gas station located between Lavish Lair and The Underworld.

One of the quests asks you to deliver a Sports Car to Dummy, so make sure you grab the vehicle before visiting the NPC.

Dummy’s Joyride Quests end date in Fortnite

The Dummy’s Joyride Quests will be available in Fortnite until the end of the season on May 23 at 11 PM PT / 2 AM ET (May 24) / 7 AM BST (May 24).

Make sure you complete these Quests alongside Weekly challenges and Story Quests before Chapter 5 Season 2 ends to get as much XP as you can.

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