Warzone players furious as nerf to OP Tonfa melee weapon changed “nothing”

Joseph Pascoulis
tonfa in mw3 and warzone firing range

The Tonfa melee weapon has been causing havoc in Warzone, and while the devs finally nerfed it, many are claiming it hasn’t done anything and that the main problem hasn’t been addressed.

Warzone’s May 15 update introduced nerfs for both the Riveter and the Tonfa melee weapon. The Tonfa has been causing frustration in Season 3 Reloaded, mainly due to the speed in which it can down an enemy, but also because of how many players are using it.

You don’t really stand a chance if you’re up close against someone with the Tonfa, as prior to the update, it was able to down in just three hits. This has been nerfed in the May 15 update, as the devs announced a change from three hits to four in order to eliminate an enemy with full health and armor.

While this sounds promising, unfortunately, it hasn’t really nerfed the weapon as much as players wanted, as they actually feel the speed and “auto aim” of the Tonfa is what makes it so deadly in close-quarters combat.

Tonfa melee weapon Warzone
The Tonfa was nerfed in the May 15 patch for Warzone.

On Reddit, players expressed their views regarding the nerf, as ‘TSM-HabZ’ said the change has done “nothing.” In agreement, one comment read, “Yeah, it’s not so much the 3 hit down as it is having the dude glue to you as soon as he starts swinging…”

Others do feel the extra hit could make a difference, however, as one user said, “A 4th should give me enough time to keep hip firing and [kill] them.”

That said, they are very much the minority on the thread, as most are unimpressed by the change and think the “insane gluing” effect is the main issue, as well as the “rate of fire.”

With Season 4 on the horizon, we expect some major balance changes, so who knows, if the Tonfa continues to run riot in Warzone, perhaps another nerf is in check.

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