Pokemon Go players demand major Bounsweet fix ahead of Community Day

Niladri Sarkar
bounsweet community day in pokemon go

Bounsweet being announced for Community Day in Pokemon Go has been met with much fanfare, but players have highlighted a problem with this Grass-type that needs a quick fix.

The Pokemon Go May 2024 Community Day will feature Bounsweet, allowing fans to catch its shiny and evolve it into the popular Tsareena. While trainers are hyped about the event, they are also concerned about a glaring issue with Bounsweet: catching it!

Bounsweet has a small catch circle positioned awkwardly, making it extremely difficult for players to land even normal Poke Ball throws. It also doesn’t help that this Pokemon is tiny, adding to the woes of those trying to use Excellent throws to catch it quickly and earn bonus XP.

This prompted Reddit user ‘TheSwagPatrol’ to ask: “Will Niantic fix Bounsweet’s hit box before its Community Day this week?” while explaining that despite throwing Poke Balls in the center of the catch circle, they end up missing the mark and get wasted.

Straight off the bat, some fans pointed out that devs Niantic had fixed Rhyhorn’s catch circle before its Community Day in 2020, while others added that even Kyogre and Gastly became easier to grab down the line.

That said, a player stated: “Posted basically the same thing as you about a year ago,” before another said that Exeggcute has had the same issue but it has never been sorted in seven long years.

With Bounsweet remaining impossibly hard to catch for such a long time, trainers are dubious about Niantic doing them any favors before its grand Pokemon Go event. “If it doesn’t get fixed I don’t think I’ll get a single ‘Nice’ throw even. I won’t be attempting excellent….this is from a seasoned vet level 50 who is generally fantastic at nailing excellent,” a player wrote.

The Community Day presents a great opportunity to catch shinies as well as Shundos in Pokemon Go, and players hope this issue is fixed ASAP.

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