“Game-changing” Diablo 4 update makes item management a breeze

Emily Stander
Diablo Season 4 Loot Reborn art

Diablo 4 Season 4’s title is Loot Reborn, and the updates and changes made to the game are living up to it in more ways than one. Fans have been loving the new season, along with one game-changing update that’s saving them a ton of time. 

In line with the Loot Reborn theme, the Codex of Power saw a significant overhaul in Season 4 of Diablo 4. While it was a bit of a hassle to get and maintain Aspects for Legendary items, the Codex of Power has a bigger role in helping with this problem – and players are loving it.

Previously, you had to take the Legendary items you found to the Occultist and extract them. Then, you had to keep that Aspect on you until you found an item you could imprint it on.

Codex of Power Aspects also tended to be less powerful than the ones you extract, which meant it became a little bit pointless toward the endgame.

Now, though, you can salvage Legendary items to get your Aspects, and they are directly added to the Codex of Power to be used indefinitely. It still displays all Aspects, but you can now keep track of the ones you want to get, and you don’t even have to go to the Occultist to extract them anymore.

Players are loving this change, as ‘angry_dingo’ posted on Reddit. “Simply picking from a list of available Aspects has got to be the absolute best addition to Diablo ever. It is absolutely game-changing. Bravo,” they explained. 

Old Codex of Power Diablo 4
The old Codex of Power system made storage space a big hassle.

The main issue players had before was that the old system wasted a lot of time and forced them to hoard Aspects. This played into issues with storage because you also had to keep any Aspects you wanted to use. 

You still need the Occultist to imprint your Aspects, but this new system has freed up a ton of inventory space and taken away most of the back-and-forth grind players weren’t super keen on.

It’s also a change that may revive the game, especially toward the end of the season, because a lot of players found that the grind was too overwhelming with the rudimentary inventory system of before. 

“Item/Aspect management was always the crucial hassle which made me quit every season after a week or two of hard grinding,” one player commented. 

Fans have expressed their joy for Season 4’s changes, which have also inspired many to finally play with more than one class. We’ll have to see where Diablo 4 goes in Season 5, but for now, players feel it’s on the right track.

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