Simple Diablo 4 mistake could cost all your Uniques & Legendaries in Season 4

Emily Stander
Diablo 4 season 4 loot reborn art

Diablo 4 Season 4 brought some tweaks to the Salvage system, and players are losing Uniques and Legendaries because of it. 

Salvaging in Diablo 4 is one of the nicest quality-of-life mechanics of the game because it lets you get a lot more value out of the items you pick up than if you just sold them. In Season 4, though, you need to be careful with which option you choose when you visit a Blacksmith. 

Previously, ‘Salvage All’ referred to everything in your bag, but this didn’t include Legendaries and Uniques. In Season 4, this has changed significantly, and one player found out the hard way. 

“I just got burned by accidentally salvaging my first Legendaries. There really should be a message that pops up the first time you click when the behavior changes so radically and it is not undoable,” ‘jnordwick’ shared on Reddit

Previously, you could salvage Legendaries, but you had to manually select any Legendaries in your pack to salvage them. So, this change has come as a bit of a surprise, and it’s also a change that applies to Uniques. 

Blacksmith in Diablo 4
In previous seasons, you had to manually salvage Legendaries by selecting the red hammer.

This isn’t an accident, though, and it’s actually a quality-of-life upgrade the devs implemented in the new season. Now, when you salvage Legendaries, it automatically adds power to the Codex.

What they did take away, though, is that you would usually get a pop-up message asking if you’re sure you want to salvage the Legendary item. Now, that message doesn’t exist anymore – which is what led to the OP salvaging so many Legendaries by accident.

Despite the OP’s unfortunate experience with the new ‘Salvage All’ mechanic, though, players are largely happy with this change. It would take quite some time to go to the Blacksmith and salvage everything, and this small change takes away a lot of that unnecessary time wasted. 

“Honestly, sorry it caught ya by surprise. Also honestly: thank god. How it should always have been,” one player commented on the thread. 

So, even though this isn’t necessarily a bad change, make sure you know what you’re salvaging when you head to the Blacksmith. You could lose an Uber Unique, and nobody wants to make that mistake.

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