Overwatch 2 mid-Season 10 patch notes: Porsche collab, Tank buffs, matchmaking changes, more

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Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 mid-Season 10 patch has dropped, and alongside a brand new Porsche collab, we’ve got some big Tank buffs and some changes to the healing passive. Here is everything you need to know.

Overwatch 2 Season 10 saw the introduction of Venture and some big changes to the way toxicity is handled in-game. Overall, it’s been successful, but the devs have also released some more major changes in the mid-season patch. 

So, here is everything we know about the mid-Season 10 patch, including Tank changes and tweaks to multiple DPS characters. 

Overwatch 2 x Porsche collab

The mid-Season 10 patch came with the Overwatch 2 x Porsche collab, which brings with it two new Legendary skins for D.Va and Pharah respectively.

You’ll be able to find the new Legendary skins for D.Va and Pharah in the shop. There are three bundles available:

  • Porsche D.Va bundle: Porsche skin, Test Drive Highlight Intro, Night Drive Name Card, Porsche D.Va Player Icon, Sweet Ride Spray
  • Porsche Pharah Bundle: Porsche Pharah skin, Porsche Flight Name Card, Porsche Pharah Player Icon
  • Porsche Mega Bundle: Includes all items from the D.Va and Pharah bundles.

Overwatch 2 mid-Season 10 patch notes

Here are all the mid-Season 10 patch notes for Overwatch 2:

Competitive Play

Demotion Protection Modifier

  • The Demotion Protection modifier has been moved from below the Rank Progress bar into the bar itself to improve visibility when a player is in a Demotion Protection state.
  • When Demotion Protection occurs, you will not be told when your progress is below that skill division’s range. If you lose your Demotion match, the Skill Rank adjustment will show only the adjustment from that match, instead of the net total of that match and the adjustment of the previous match.

New – Pressure Competitive Modifier

  • This rank modifier appears for players who are at the far ends of the overall skill distribution.
  • For players who are very high ranked (like Champion), this modifier will show when you don’t earn as much progress from winning a match or drop more progress for losing a match.
  • For players who are very low ranked (like low Bronze), this modifier will show when you earn more progress for winning a match or drop less progress for losing a match.

Grouping Restrictions

The Skill Tier legend was updated to show the changes to grouping restrictions that were applied in a previous update. The grouping restriction changes we applied are the following:

  • Grand Master can now group within 3 divisions to be considered a narrow group.
  • Champion can now group within 1 division to be considered a narrow group.

Matchmaking Updates

  • When a player is currently on a loss streak, the matchmaker will try to avoid putting the player on a team that is statistically calculated to have a lower chance of winning.

Hero Updates

  • Armor health has been reverted to provide a flat damage reduction of 5 per projectile, up to a maximum of 50% damage reduction.
  • Out-of-combat health regeneration changed from 20 health per second to 10 health per second + 5% of maximum health.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug with Mirrorwatch not generating stats in Game Reports.
  • Fixed a bug with Competitive Progress not incrementing correctly.


  • General bug fixes and improvements were performed on multiple maps.


  • Fixed an area that could cause players to temporarily become stuck.


  • Fixed a spot on the map that players could become temporarily stuck in.


  • Fixed a location where players could become stuck for a period of time.



  • Vengeance Skin – Fixed a bug with the feathers on the skin not being properly aligned.


  • Fixed a bug with Tectonic Shock that counted turrets and other non-player targets as valid for the Excavation Annihilation challenge.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur with Burrow where Venture could remain burrowed above the ground.

Tank changes

Role Passive

  • Tanks now have 25% damage reduction against critical headshot damage.
  • Knockback resistance increased from 30% to 50%

Junker Queen

Commanding Shout

  • Can now be activated while using other abilities.
  • Cooldown reduced from 14 to 12 seconds.


Gravitic Flux

  • No longer requires line of sight to the center of the effect.

Wrecking Ball

Grappling Claw

  • Impact damage increased from 50 to 60.


  • Movement lockout duration for enemies increased from 0.5 to 0.75 seconds.


  • Damage increased from 130 to 165.
  • Explosion knockback increased from 5 to 10.


Graviton Surge

  • Radius increased from 6 to 7 meters.
  • Duration increased from 3.5 to 4 seconds

DPS changes


Frag Launcher

  • Impact damage increased from 40 to 45 (Total damage increased from 120 to 125).



  • Ultimate gain multiplier while transformed increased from 4 to 4.5.


  • Speed increased from 12 to 15 meters per second.


  • Speed increased from 12 to 15 meters per second.

Support changes



  • Now resets Shield Bash cooldown upon activation.

That’s everything we know about the Overwatch 2 patch notes for the mid-season changes! If you want to know more about the game, make sure to check out our guides below.

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