Where to find Tongue of Madness in BG3

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Tongue of Madness mushroom in BG3

The Tongue of Madness is a key ingredient for a potion that could help you get rid of the Mind Flayer’s tadpole, so here’s where to find it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Reaching the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3 will unlock a huge area with a ton of hidden quests. One of these missions will require you to infiltrate the Arcane Tower to harvest the Tongue of Madness mushroom, which is no easy feat.

Here’s how to get the Tongue of Madness, including how to unlock the Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.


How to get Tongue of Madness in BG3

To get the Tongue of Madness mushroom in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need to go to the Arcane Tower. You’ll find this location in the Underdark during Act 1.

The Tongue of Madness mushroom and the Timmask Spores are on the first floor of the Arcane Tower, and both are required for the Help Omelumm Investigate the Parasite quest.

However, before exploring the Arcane Tower you’ll need to disable its defenses and power its elevator. Follow these steps to go to the location and successfully harvest the Tongue of Madness.

1. Enter the Arcane Tower

The Arcane Tower is located south of the Sussur Tree area, west of the Selunite Post where you’ll enter the Underdark. Head to the Decrepit Village at X: 79, Y: -166, where you can encounter the Myconid Colony and fight with the Duergar.

Keep heading south until you pass the Underdark-Beach waypoint at X: 22 Y: -209. You’ll finally reach the Arcane Tower when you get to X: -16, Y: -283, but you’ll find that there are Arcane Turrets guarding the whole area.

Arcane Turrets inside of the Arcane Tower in BG3
You’ll need to disable every turret before being able to freely explore the Arcane Tower.

While you can easily defeat these turrets, two or more shots from them will likely kill most characters.

2. Disable the Arcane Turrets

There are a couple of methods you can follow to disable the Arcane Turrets, but it’s best that you activate the turn-based mode for any of them.

If you want to use brute force, you can try smashing them with a bludgeoning weapon. If you collect enough Sussur Blooms while exploring the area of the Sussur Tree, you can shut them down temporarily with their anti-magic power.

The fastest way to get through the Arcane Towers is by ungrouping your party and going into Stealth mode. We suggest you head west while moving every character cover-to-cover until you reach the main door at X:-21, Y: -283.

3. Get to the first floor of the Arcane Tower

After reaching the main door, you’ll need to lockpick it. Keep in mind that this entrance has a Difficulty Class of 15, so send your Rogue or any character with the highest Dexterity score to do so.

When you enter the main floor, you’ll find more Arcane Turrets guarding the location. Enter the turn-based more and use the four pillars around the room while you try to disable them. Then you’ll need to head to the balcony at X: -42, Y: -264, where you’ll find the Chest of the Mundane.

When interacting with the chest, you’ll find some common items that will transform into incredible items after you loot them. One of these items is Mystra’s Grace, an Uncommon pair of boots that will let you cast the Feather Fall spell. This will be the key to getting to the bottom of the Arcane Tower.

Using Feather Fall to go to the bottomg of the Arcane Tower in BG3
Remember to use the Feather Fall spell before jumping to the bottom of the tower.

Go to the southern balcony at X:-35, Y:- 309, and cast Feather Fall on all your party. Jump down every balcony until the lowest level of the tower. Upon reaching the bottom, loot everything in sight, especially the Sussur Blooms found at X: -72, Y: -280.

Go to the door located at X: -58, Y: -294, and lockpick it. Keep in mind that this entrance also has a Difficulty Class of 15.

4. Activate the Arcane Tower’s elevator

Once you enter the bottom floor, you can activate the engine of the Arcane Tower’s elevator to explore the whole location. To do so, go to X:-31, Y:286 where the engine is, and interact with it using the Sussur Blooms. This will power up the engine.

Then, head to the next floor at X: -49, Y: 282, and use the buttons on the elevator to get to the first floor. Here, you’ll be able to spot the mushrooms that Omelumm needs.

BG3: How to harvest Tongue of Madness

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can harvest the Tongue of Madness mushroom by interacting with it at X:-29, Y: -290. You can easily spot this item since it looks like an oversized human tongue that will be scattered on the first floor of the Arcane Tower.

The Tongue of Madness mushroom in BG3
You can spot every collectible item by pressing the Alt key while exploring the area.

If you choose to consume the item instead of completing the quest, your character will gain the Tongue of Madness condition. This condition will give disadvantage on any Charisma check and it will last 30 turns.

How to get Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite quest in BG3

In order to get the quest called Help Omelumm Investigate the Parasite, you’ll first need to pick the Underdark route instead of the Mountain Pass during Act 1. Your adventure will then start from the Selunite Outpost.

Go north past the Myconid Colony waypoint at X: 102, Y: -102, and head to the Ebonlake Grotto at X: 112, Y: -93. Once there, you’ll find Blurg, a merchant that you’ll have to tell about the Mindflayer’s tadpole.

Blurg, the merchant of the Myconid Colony in BG3
You’ll be able to meet Blurg once again after reaching Baldur’s Gate in Act 3.

After doing so, he’ll summon Omelumm, a rogue Mindflayer who will offer to help you. If you agree to its plan, it will ask you to get both Tongue of Madness and Timmask spores to craft a potion.

BG3: Should you drink Omeluum’s potion?

You should drink Omelumm’s potion in BG3 even if it doesn’t work. Drinking it will unlock a dialogue line that will let you convince the Mind Flayer to give you an uncommon ring called Ring of Restorative Gravity and explore his inventory, where you’ll find the Boots of Stormy Clamour.

Omelumm promises that the potion will help you lower the parasite’s defenses so that he can enter your mind and control it. You’ll need to pass several checks after taking the potion, but it won’t give you any permanent debuffs.

That’s everything you need to know to find the Tongue of Madness mushroom in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more on Larian Studios’ RPG, you can check out our guides below:

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