Secret Baldur’s Gate 3 dialogue makes Cazador more sympathetic but it’s still not enough

Emily Stander
Cazador in Baldur's Gate 3

Astarion’s storyline is one of the more emotional ones in Baldur’s Gate 3, and it gets even worse when you discover a little more about where Cazador comes from. One player has even found some secret dialogue that gives more insight into the complexities of his villainous character. 

Usually, when Baldur’s Gate 3 players head to defeat Cazador, they bring Astarion with them. This allows him to finally face off against his tormentor like Shadowheart against Viconia, defeat him, and carve the rest of his life without the constant threat hanging over his head. 

However, when Cazador returned to sleep after he had been defeated, one player discovered some secret dialogue you can get if you don’t bring Astarion with you. 

“I had no idea that you get to read Cazador’s mind while he attempts to recover. It gives you more insight into him as a character and further reinforces the cycle of abuse themes touched on by both Astarion and Vellioth,” Wyndrarch’ shared on Reddit. 

In the fight against Cazador, he does not die when you take his health down to 0. Instead, he retreats to his chamber and tries to recover in sleep. This is when you can approach him and read his mind. 

This is the dialogue you get when you do so: “These deathless dreams hold memories of a mortal life once-forgotten. Of the boy I was, the man I became, the monster that will not end. I sleep, but cannot rest. I live, but cannot die. I am eternal, and I grieve.” 

These lines speak to the kind of background Cazador had before he became a Vampire himself. It’s known, if you do a little exploring, that his own master was a lot more cruel than he was – but he still continued that cycle with Astarion and his other Vampire Spawn. 

It does give some context to his character, showing that he is at least somewhat self-aware. This doesn’t stop players, including myself, from killing him though. As one player in the thread put it, “I tried it once, even felt sorry for Cazador for a few seconds.. then I let Astarion stab him to death.”

It’s more of a showcase of the details that go into Baldur’s Gate 3, that not everything is black and white in the dark world of Faerun. So, the next time you take on Cazador, make sure to try this so you can decide for yourself too.

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